Master Healer Tantric Tool
Master Healer Tantric Tool
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Master Healer Tantric Tool

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Master Healer - is made from natural and pure clear quartz, known as the Universal Crystal for its varied healing uses. It’s an amazing amplifying stone, meaning that whatever you pour into it, will pour out tenfold. The clarity of its many faces can spark memory, hone concentration, and bring your whole being back to balance. Clear Quartz is all about spiritual growth, it loves enticing you to look deep. It’s a crystal that connects with all the chakras, clearing out blockages, spring cleaning your aura and inviting energy to flow.

Chakra: All

Master Healer Tantric Tool can specifically assist you with:

  • Balancing your environment
  • Shield against negative energy
  • Connecting you with higher plains and opening up to all the possibilities offered by the universe

  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Kickstarting your metabolism
  • Ridding the body of toxins


  • 100% natural and pure clear quartz crystal
  • Measured Flat: 7" long, 1.6" wide
  • Circumference: 5" large end, 3.5" small end 
  • Smooth Surface


Caring for your Tantric Tool:

Arrives in keepsake pouch

Cleanse after use: Running water to cleanse the stone and moonlight is ideal for recharging the beautiful stone. 

Leaving in Sunlight can damage the colour and properties of the stone. 


*Please note colour and size variation can occur as they are hand shaped and made out of pure Clear Quartz. 

*Due to the nature of use, all sales are final.