What is a Yoni Wand?

Yoni can be translated to mean “sacred space” and is a sanskrit word for the vagina, with several deeper layers of meaning.

A yoni wand is a crystal or other natural gemstone wand that is intended for sacred self pleasure, manifestation and healing from within.

The use of gemstone dildos spans back thousands of years.

In fact, a stone penis was recently unearthed that was estimated to be over 28000 years old!



Is it really cold?!

People ask me this or comment on this more than any other thing with these wands.

I always laugh and say – “Oh, it is.  At first.  And then it gets nice and warm.”

The sensation of cool and clean crystal against the heat of your skin is really, really nice.


Does it feel good?

Oh, yes.

It is a more subtle sensation than battery operated toys.

The feeling is smooth, slick, cool, then warm building to almost hot.

Those who are sensitive to feeling subtle energy will experience a crescendo of pleasure that is hard to put into words.


How do you clean it?

Rose quartz pleasure wands are super easy to care for!

To clean them you can simply rinse well with warm water and use a bit of PH balanced soap, OR vinegar OR a drop of lavender essential oil to rub over the wand and disinfect.


Can I use it with my partner?

Definitely, just like you would use any other toy.

The same basic principles of hygiene and toy etiquette apply, of course.

There is the added bonus that crystals are energy tools and their loving energy will be intensified and channeled through the wand and into you!


How big are they?

A very satisfying seven inches long.

17cm long by 4 cm wide, if you like to get technical.



Picking your wand based on crystal properties:

While you can just add a vibrator to your cart and proceed to check out, choosing a wand is very much different. For most people doing this for the first time, the process is no doubt a somewhat spiritual one.

Your choice and decision will go far beyond the particular color that matches your bedspread. Your choice wand, based on the crystal properties will be based on your physical and emotional needs and so this decision is an individual one.

Rose Quartz wands are quite popular. They are synonymous with unconditional love, self-love, peace, forgiveness, and compassion. Black Obsidian is however, all about ridding the body of trapped negative energies and traumas.

Nephrite Jade is popular for its vitality enhancement, heart healing, emotional balance, and sexual energy properties. The Green Aventurine is known to bring overall wellbeing and emotional calm as well as stimulating sexual desires and openness as an aphrodisiac, among other properties.

Other crystal types include Amethyst, the tranquilizer, Bloodstone, the promoter of good health, Blue Quartz, known as the communicator, Fire Quartz, the heart communicator, Red Jasper, the action taker, and Clear Quartz, the master healer. All of these crystals have properties that range from sexual to physical, emotional, and spiritual.